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The Sims History

february 2002

free for DL
in 2 game versions
without any expacks

categorized for DownTown too

Draped Tables

Herzili Snukeli 2002

hausfrau on
Sims Additions
made a counter with
intergrated sink
based on this furniture
you can grab it there
if you will

thanx to matt mckinnie, who has edited the phone

Herzili Snukeli for Valentine 2002
2 counters + Single Table + Chair + Sink + WallLamp + Floor Lamp + Deco Heart + Table Phone
here's the HotDate version
& here the Basic game version

female clothing by Sultry Earth
male head by Barairo No Jinsei
female head by Nighttime Sims + SimFreaks
Floors by SIModerne & revenge of the sim
Wall by dave Larker and colleen (TSR)
Red Pepper by Yevette Welan (TSR)
Chinese Women Pictures by Juniper Sun
Garden Rack by Mintha's Sim Garden
Rug by Raveena (TSR).
Black Food Processor
& Red Windows by Simorphor
Outdoor Flowers by Garden Of Sim
& Mintha's Sim Garden
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The Sims History