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Time Control Clock


Wall Electronics Hider

End Table Dresser Set + University Expansion Pack updated

Pile Of Clothes Dresser

Single Tile Dresser Set

Mind Control Mirror

Multi Painting

Aspiration Painting

Energizer Painting

Red Alienware Computer

* a note

if you encounter any problems try at first those FAQs
they offer solutions for
the most problems
with Merola files

if you don't find there an answer
eMail Merola64

End Table Dresser Set
Fully functional dressers that only take up one tile,
and have place for other objects on top of them.
Available in all the original end table colors,
plus all end table recolors you have installed.
The individual names are: Asian, Club, Colonial, Quaint.

University Expansion Pack updated
Three of the four End Table Dressers have been updated
to be compatible with the new University Expansion Pack.
After this update, all Sims 2 objects on simchaotics
should work with University, but none of them
have been tested to confirm that.
If you should experience any problems,
please report them to Merola64.
(There is one exception -  the Alienware PC recolor has not been updated,
and will probably not work. Do not report any problems with it.)

main page

The Sims History