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Time Control Clock


Wall Electronics Hider

End Table Dresser Set + University Expansion Pack updated

Pile Of Clothes Dresser

Single Tile Dresser Set

Mind Control Mirror

Multi Painting

Aspiration Painting

Energizer Painting

Red Alienware Computer

* a note

if you encounter any problems try at first those FAQs
they offer solutions for
the most problems
with Merola files

if you don't find there an answer
eMail Merola64

Multi Painting
Has different menu options on the 3 different tiles.
For all ages except babies (
not all interactions available for all ages).
Changes the following parts of your sims:
Needs (individual/all),
skills (individual/all),
interests (individual/all),
personality (individual/all, includes fitness),
aspiration meter,
days left in current age (for babies as well),
job (career/level/performance),
retired job (career/level),
school (type/grade),
genetic personality (listed as DNA),
aspiration and name.
Does not directly affect wants or memories.

main page

The Sims History