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The Sims History

Merola's Sims 2
Merola's Meltings

free for DL
HP required

collection 29 / SOME
objects made by
Ra & Merola64

Mirrored HP Gender Doors

2 Player Computer

The Sims Rug & Golden Armor

Buy A Present

Christmas Calendar

Wall Radio

Buy A Book, Make A Gift - Shelf

Single Drawer Dressers

Gift Daffodils

3 Tronic Dance Floors

* a note

if you encounter any problems
eMail Merola64

3 Tronic DanceFloors

Maxis original DF prepared as a normal floor
can be downloaded here

jalousie - Simorphor
column - 7DS
counter - TSR
charismaHiFi - Cheap Frills
skins - TSR, Lucky Cat
wall - 7DS
floor - Sim-a-licious

main page

The Sims History