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objects made by
Ra & Merola64

Mirrored HP Gender Doors

2 Player Computer

The Sims Rug & Golden Armor

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Christmas Calendar

Wall Radio

Buy A Book, Make A Gift - Shelf

Single Drawer Dressers

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3 Tronic Dance Floors

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if you encounter any problems
eMail Merola64

Single Field Drawer Dressers /
EinFeld SchubladenSchrank

besides of the humbly price of 130 for a full functioning drawer dresser in a timeless design, can those dressers be placed on one singular field, this way your Sims can use efficient any room - quite important for single households

you can get it in two different functioning animations versions :
a basic game version,
which can be used for body type changes

a HD version,
important to change quick the clothes
within the own body type

mirror & lamp - Sasarin's Sim People
grandpa embroidery picture - SimLove
rug - Chariss's Little Sim Page
Strohhase / rabbit - Sandro for Exclusive Sims Designs
bookcase - Sim Goddesses
wall - Jen Stevens / TSR
floor - Simmage

RuthD remade the graphics for Ikyzdownloadz
you can find the new file there under

objects/misc/hospital locker

main page

The Sims History