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The Sims History

Merola's Sims 2
Merola's Meltings

free for DL
LL required

hacked objetcs made by

Mirrored HP Gender Doors

2 Player Computer

The Sims Rug & Golden Armor

Buy A Present

Christmas Calendar

Wall Radio

Buy A Book, Make A Gift - Shelf

Single Drawer Dressers

Gift Daffodils

3 Tronic Dance Floors

* a note

if you encounter any problems
eMail Merola64

a philosophical The Sims Rug

a Golden Armor

The Christmas Present, Sims Rug, Golden Armor and Multiplayer Computer objects had an error that caused the catalog description not to show up in all games. That should be fixed now. If you don't have any problems with it in your game, you do NOT need to re-download the objects."

main page

The Sims History